Ralf Veit

Institut for diabetes research and metabolic diseases (IDM),
of the Helmholtz Center Munich at the University of Tuebingen,
fMEG Center
Otfried Mueller Str. 47

+49 7071 29-81192

Current Position:

Research scientist

Research Interests:

I’m particularly interested in realtime fMRI (rtfmri) neurofeedback. Rtfmri neurofeedback is a method to control and regulate localized brain regions or networks voluntarily. In general, subjects can learn to regulate brain activity successfully in circumscribed regions and successful regulation has specific behavioral consequences to control conditions. This technique was already successfully established in a multitude of psychiatric and neurological diseases. Recently we could show that this method can be used as an innovative noninvasive treatment for obesity.
Another central research interest deals with structural or morphometric changes in obese and diabetic subjects in relation to body fat (visceral fat) and insulin resistance, using several techniques including Voxel based morphometry, cortical thickness and diffusion related measures.

Current projects:

Selected Publications:

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